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How do vending machines talk about venues?

by:Haloo      2021-12-05
2021 has slowly entered March. In this new year, what are you going to do? Should you continue to help others work, six to five in the morning, or choose to start your own business? For entrepreneurs, there are many choices for investment, but I recommend choosing vending machines. At this time, we have to consider the venue of the vending machine, so how does the vending machine talk about the venue? Let the smart editor give you answers one by one! First look at the location; the passenger flow, economic development level, and consumer consumption level of each location are different. According to the passenger flow of the vending machine, the rent will be discussed in detail, and the profit, income and investment of this lot will be examined in advance. Cost and other issues. Second, look at the cost; how much the cost of the vending machine itself is, and whether it is worthwhile to pay for the location, the rent required for the floor space, and the management fee. If the cost is greater than the profit, or the profit is too small, then you need to seriously consider whether it is necessary to invest. The third look at the object; who are the consumers targeted by the vending machine, which age group it mainly serves, and which consumer groups are involved. According to these to calculate the cost input and profit income, and then make the corresponding site budget. Fourth, look at the market; what is the market situation of vending machines? The traffic brought by each place, each street, and each store, and the income it brings are different. According to market demand and profitability for site negotiation, the rent should be in line with the percentage of income. Fifth talk about cooperation; vending machine talks about venues need to be discussed in detail according to management personnel and management units of different venues. Let the other party know what benefits they can get and what benefits they can get. Talking about the venue on the premise of achieving the purpose of common interests, so that it is easy to achieve cooperation. During this period, it is necessary to master the place of placement and solve the needs. Each place has a different demand for unmanned vending machines. For example, in factories, it is to facilitate self-service shopping for employees and directly talk to the boss; educational places like schools are to provide convenience for students and teachers and find school logistics. Ministry talks; places like hospitals provide convenience for doctors and patients to talk to the life department of the hospital; while places like shopping malls are solely for profit and talk to the person in charge of the mall. Choose a place where you want to invest, understand their pain points, prescribe the right medicine for the disease, and directly discuss cooperation with the relevant person in charge. For more information, please call
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