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Types of vending machine business opportunities


Vending machines are very convenient, and they offer quick, affordable services and goods to billions of people all over the planet. The types of vending machine business opportunities accessible to you will change depending on your investment, place, and time. For this post, we will cover only the vending machine business opportunities generally seen in America, though there are many types of vending machines all through the planet.

When picking what kind of vending machine is best for you, it is vital to consider the following. 



How much time and skill do you have to maintain and repair your machine? How much will the machine need?


How much stock can the machine hold? How long will the items last?

Upfront investment

More hard machines, such as those with digital touch screens or refrigeration, will be more costly, while simpler machines will be most cost-friendly.

Expected revenue

You can guess how much you can make from your vending machine business.

Water and ice

Ice and water vending machine are some of easiest types of vending machine businesses, needing minimal maintenance and no inventory stocking. This is a perfect arrangement for business owners looking for a hands-off approach. There is a fair upfront investment, which may be lower or higher depending on the specs you add, such as remote monitoring and credit card reading.

Soft drinks and snacks

Snack and soda vending machines are generally placed in the same places, for clear reasons. All total, cold beverages are the most general vending machines item, making up thirty-one percent of sales. Cold beverages and snack sales combine make up almost fifty-percent of all vending sales. Soda vending machines operate similar to snack vending machines, using many of the same mechanisms. These kinds of vending machines might be refrigerated to keep the drinks chill, mainly when using perishable drinks like fruit or milk juices. This will include to the complexity and maintenance to the machine, but it may also better revenue, mainly in dry and warm places.

Healthy foods

As consumers become more calorie-awake and more alert of the dangers of excess fats and sugars, healthy food gained status in vending machines. While the majority of vending machines are still stocked with chocolates, soda, chips and similar items. Healthy foods provide vending machines business owners a way  to stand out from the crowd.

Some vending machines are dedicated just to healthy foods, and they are located in areas that attract health-friendly consumers looking for a convenient snack, such as spas, gym, some workplaces, health clubs, universities, hotels and more.

End words

There are many other kinds of vending machines, including change dispenser, frozen foods, toys, even vending machines for electronics, music, and sex. Since many of these similar electronics and mechanics, their maintenance and upkeep will also be similar. Consider your accessible places, the amount of time you want to spend maintaining and refilling your machine, and the upfront investment you can obtain. This will help you pick a vending machine business that jobs best for you.

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