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Big Capacity Cold Drinks&Hot Food Vending Machine


Are you a food producer aiming to increase the distribution of your food?  We customize the machines according to your needs

The machine built-in compressor refrigeration system, and microwave system, so that food can be stored in the machine for a period of time without deterioration, customers can buy fresh&well heated food.

Left Cabinet for ready made meals, right cabinet for desserts and drinks, there are 2 pickup port, so hot meals and desserts are delivered separately, make sure it's healthful and hygenian

What are the benefits of hot food vending machines?

1. Affordable

Since hot food vending machines are unmanned, they are very affordable as a result; you are also not required to pay any wages like the manned restaurants. The electricity required to run the hot food vending machines are relatively less as well. 

2. Generating Revenue

Similar to the above, a hot food vending machine not only saves money but makes money as well. Hot food vending machines are a reliable source of additional income for a business. In fact, many fast-food brands worldwide have made use of these vending machines that serve fresh, hot food as a deviated means to generate substantial revenue.

3. Easy to Manage

Upon installation, hot food vending machines require very little maintenance and oversight. You can easily configure your hot food vending machines to serve a variety of intended food items and meals.

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