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Canteen vending machines


While adding a vending machine to your office canteen have its quick and clear advantages, such as added ease and low overheads, there are a number of benefits that would not typically come to mind when exploring many vending solutions for your business. As odd as it may sound, a canteen vending machine  can help encourage staff and rightly impact the efficiency of the firm. They are amazingly low maintenance, eliminating the need for staff that would otherwise be needed for a canteen, and just need to be restocked and maintained every so often.

Low overheads

One of the key attractions of a canteen vending machine is how low maintenance they are, which in turn very low overheads. Unlike a canteen there are no staff needs, which means you do not have to deal with unexpected staff sick days, and a machine will perfectly work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Staff relaxation

The primary impact a canteen vending machine may have on your company is clear from the offset, happier workers. Staff will be grateful for that the firm has their top interests in mind, and adding a perfect and accessible source of drink and food helps make a happy and efficient working atmosphere.

While there may be a buzz primarily due to the novelty factor,  you will find that a canteen vending machine works as a hub for social meeting and office interaction, helping improve relationships and contributing to employee relaxation.

Healthy choices

A canteen vending machine is generally linked with sweets, chocolate bars, and sugary drinks, and while it is perfect to offer these to your workers, there is no reason why you cannot stock it with fit choices. Those who work full time will know it can be difficult to juggle every day responsibilities and maintain a fit diet, often opting for fast and simple grab and go food.

Staff will be appreciative of the fact that the firm is promoting a fit workplace, and that nutritious food is up for grabs all through the day. Better still, you could go for a 50/60 vending machine that stocks fit snacks as well as crisps and chocolate, ensuring you are catering to all staff needs.

Keep staff onsite

Having onsite drink and food eliminates the need for workers to venture away from work premises, supporting them maintain their focus and streamline their working day. It goes without saying that you should not discourage worker from leaving the office if they do desire, but you may find a that a canteen vending machine is a welcome convenience.


The issue with most supermarkets and restaurants is they are not predictable. One day they are opened and the next day they are not. As for restaurants, you may not get your preferred dish if you go during lunchtime as sometimes customers exceed the orders prepared. Canteen vending machines, conversely, are extremely reliable. You will forever get your preferred drink or food as long as it is normally there.

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