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product features: 1. Scan the code to buy, pay and pick up; 2. Working temperature: The low temperature can reach 0-10℃, which can support the refrigeration and preservation of most commodities; 3. It is suitable for the sale of frozen aquatic products, meat products, clean vegetables and catering in restaurants, communities, etc.; 4. Powerful back-end operation management software platform support, supporting multiple distribution management modes; 5. Customizable: optional cabinet size, cooling method, advertising screen, background software, etc. can be customized and optional.

Say Goodbye 2020 and Happy 2021

Medicine Vending Machine Application with Prescription System

In order to solve the food problem of most office buildings and factory night shift workers, box lunch vending machines came into being. In addition to the bento delivered by the elevator, we have also developed a set of bento to meet the needs of more workers. Lattice cabinet vending machines have gradually been loved by more and more companies and merchants. This post will focus on the advantages of Hanlu's new refrigerated and heated lattice cabinets and practical applications.

Haloo Vending Machines are ready for delivery to customers

The guests ordered two sets of fresh-keeping lattice cabinets! keep fresh all the day~~so cool~~

Haloo medicine vending machine is more and more popular among hospitals here. Once the hospital developed his own medicine dispensing system and matched well with our vending machine,it can save lots of time.

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