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Chips vending machine


A chip vending machine is a device that offers completely automatic services for selling French fries to the customers within just a few minutes. Unlike the snack vending machine, which offers packed cold cookies for the customers, the chip vending machine jobs as a similar function but provides fresh and warm French fries just like what the fast food restaurants sell.

There are many types of vending machines that sells a big range of products, such as beverages, snacks and even daily supplies. These machines are generally set in the places where restaurants or stores are less accessible, in order to offer what the customers may need for them.

As years went by, the customers were getting used to these machines, and for the customers, the vending machine were not as amazing as before. This outcomes in the reduction of the business opportunity for the vending machines.

According to the use patterns of the customer nowadays, the vending machine should not only be the quicker, the better, but also offer the optimal standard and experience of having the items that they sell.

This leads to the look of the latest vending machines that sells hot and fresh food, including the mechanical barista, chip vending machine and soup vending machine. These items own one similarly, which is that the food they serve for the customers are just like what the restaurants sell.


How does a chip vending machine work?

To run a chip vending machine, there is not any need of manual forces except for the changing of ingredients and oil and the claiming process after the machine has worked for a period of time.

In general, the start of the chip vending machine is from the insertion of payment from the customer. When the enough amount of the payment is counted by the chip vending machine, the freezer would get the message and dispense a fixed amount of sliced potatoes to the chamber of the fryer.

After the right amount of sliced potatoes are delivered into the fryer, the fryer with beef fat, rice oil, or other plant oil would be warmed and begin to fry the sliced potatoes. Once the sliced potatoes are well-cooked, the fresh and hot French fries would be distributed to a box or cup that is in the bottom chamber, and the customer can have their stomach be packed with fresh French fries within minutes.

How does a chip vending machine form?

As the other food vending machine, a chip vending machine contains of the exterior housing with insert slots for bills or coins, a chamber for offering cooked French fries and sauce box for the customers to take.

On the interior of the chip vending machine, it can divided into 3 parts. The first and top part is the freezer that stores the sliced potatoes, the middle part is the fryer that works as the cooking section, and the base part is the chamber where the fresh and warm French fries would be sent to the customers.

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