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Vending machine touch screen


Attract big number of customers volumes. Conquer formerly unattainable location. Launch complex and new product categories. Vending machine touch screens make it all possible.

These systems permit operators to sell premium products at high volumes, leading to per-machine sales profit unheard of in traditional vending - actually, 1000s of dollars per month per machine. Both established firms and entrepreneurs are finding successful new models using this technology.

Products can be visualized on the vending machine touch screen in many ways, enabling much powerful sales experiences than traditional vending. The system sells complex categories such as apparel or electronics out-of-the-box can also be customized, enabling classy sales experience such as product configuration by the consumer.

These visually good-looking machines also open up new place formerly off-limits. For example, an IT access control machine might be located in the middle of a high-end office atmosphere, rather than being relegated to a supply room.




Choose, swipe, vend

Vending machine touch screen designs pack a ton of specs into straightforward user experience. Yes, you can use a coupon. Or pay with your student ID. Or even ask for your burrito to be served drink because you are taking it home for later. But this spec richness does not prevent you from simply tapping an item and swiping your card to finish a transaction.

More than a screen

The strong program for vending machine touch screens delivers flexible, content-managed wonderful experiences managed from VN cloud. The program can sell almost anything, while supporting vending operations of one machine or 1,000.

Pick size that fits

Maybe you want a huge, bold display that covers the front of the machine and encourages from yards away. Or maybe your items are charming, so you want a glass window with little touch off to the side. Or maybe you need something in between. No issue what your screen size, program  mechanically adjusts the experience to job well for your set up.

Attention shoppers

Maybe mornings are generally slow. Or maybe there is a holiday coming up. No issue what your reason for running sale, built-in promotions engine lets you configure sales in advance and have them mechanically run when you want. Put one, several or all items on sale, and even run overlapping sales on different items.

Always selling

In vending, every penny of extra revenue profits counts. That is why interfaces lets you optionally sell bundle of items in single transaction, and even advise add-on such as desserts. All the while , the user has full control to configure the items in their cart just the way they want.

The operation system is based on the Android system development interactive and touch display, which makes the user experience of this series of vending machines amazingly improved and has a higher sense of technology. It is more perfect for customers who have needs for advertising and experience. Mainly the 55-inch touch display vending machines have a very best aesthetic effect on the scene.

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