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How big is the ice cream vending machine market?

by:Haloo      2021-04-20
When the capital and Internet giants focused their attention on the emerging community group buying business model, and when the community group buying tycoons began to look for 6 million mom-and-pop stores, a group of people took a different approach and pressed Bao on the track of vending machines. Above. If you travel frequently, you may notice that vending machines often appear in high-speed rail stations, airports, subway stations, and hotel lobbies, and there are also a large number of relatively closed channels (such as scenic spots, hospitals, large shopping malls, theaters, and campuses) Vending machines exist. If you need it in these places, you can take out your mobile phone, use Alipay or WeChat to scan the code, the transaction will be successful in a few seconds. What can I buy at a vending machine? Drinks, snacks, dairy products or cosmetics, adult products and other things you want, you can also buy refrigerated low-temperature beverages. In addition, young people can also have a few seconds of fun through the vending machine (blind box). Although vending machines have quietly exploded in the Chinese market, players are more optimistic about ice cream vending machines4. The machine has not yet been popularized in China, and has become the focus of brand owners. Ice cream vending machines have also leaked out with the development of technology. With the development of technology, are ice cream vending opportunities popular? In what way will it exist? What role can it play? Today we will discuss ice cream vending machines. How big is the ice cream vending machine market? The role of vending machines in the Chinese market is to cover areas inaccessible to convenience stores and mom-and-pop stores. Even if China has 6 million small stores and tens of thousands of chain supermarket convenience stores, it still cannot cover this vast and far-reaching market. . For example, relatively closed channels, such as scenic spots and airport high-speed train stations, cannot be reached through traditional channels in campus dormitories, hotel lobbies, and downstairs of community residents. Even with the emergence of new channels, such as community group buying, home business and new retail distribution, it is clear that vending machines have a great advantage in the timeliness of purchases, which can change consumers' buying behavior from passive to active. Among vending machines, how big is the market for ice cream vending machines? In the market, the emergence of hundreds of new products has stimulated consumers' enthusiasm for buying, and the addition of brands has attracted young people. More importantly, ice cream is not only developing towards desserts, it also assumes the role of social interaction and scene expansion. Therefore, ice cream with a broad consumption base requires vending machines to enter the venue. After all, in the peak season, the repurchase rate of ice cream is second only to beverage mineral water.
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