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Flowers vending machine business opportunities!

by:Haloo      2020-11-16
Thirsty buy a bottle of drink, hungry to buy snacks, one's fingers itch to smoke a blind box of all kinds of vending machine has been commonplace, but new appearance of flowers vending machine let Beijing residents shine at the moment. Reporter noted that more than just shop in Beijing subway stations and office buildings of flowers vending machine is very popular. When street flowers entity shop is more and more scarce, the rise of the vending machine for flowers flowers opened the new retail market. Buy flowers like drinks as convenient subway line 4 fort horse home station the station hall, a 'Flo garden flowers vending machine has attracted the attention of a lot of passengers. Slightly bigger than a drinks vending machine cabinets, is divided into 60 square of small grid, the independence of each grid on the door has a digital number, put inside a small bouquet of different kinds of flowers. Beside the cupboard door is clearly on the screen every little Gerry correspond to the price of the flowers, like flowers, as long as the sweep yards after payment, the corresponding cupboard door will open automatically, the whole process even in less than half a minute. The yulan bay village of tongzhou zone and daxing district poly mansion, jasmine flowers vending machine also makes many residents couldn't resist passing. 15 small plastic barrels in the cabinet with a variety of single branch of flowers, each flower our roots in a small bottle of similar tubes. Use WeChat scan code and open function of the automatic deductions, cupboard door will open automatically, consumers can even pick up the flowers smell, before we decide to want to buy. 'just in the subway line 14 DaWang Road last Thursday, fangzhuang, PuHuangYu and YongDingMenWai machine, 4 station laid now 14 online already has 12 site opened, line 4 also cover 6 into the site. 'flores, the head of the garden said, in addition to the outskirts of line 1, line 2 and line, the future will also be in other various additional racks on the subway. 'line 5 and line 10 was also can buy flowers soon. 'neighborhood new flowers vending machines, feeling a person's life a little more happiness. 'flowers vending machine into the subway and village, weibo a lot of netizens feel very surprise. 'the most romantic thing that should be met recently. 'parity flowers are no longer a difficult beg 'for a long time, flowers at home is not a daily consumption. Many people in major festivals, anniversaries or important events when they buy a big bouquet of flowers convey intention, but conveniently buy three brought home two branches are not common. Flowers electricity traders began to appear before and after 2016, 79 yuan, 99 yuan, 139 yuan 4 flowers such as different price a lot cheaper than offline stores many platforms are also in this' monthly reservation, a bunch of flowers on Monday 'recognised by the young consumer groups. The rise of electric business gradually developed many flowers consumption habits, but the street and the community of small flower shop front has been 'squeeze' walk a lot. Fort, reporters found in a map search, and the horse home shows that there are 4, 5, flower shop near a subway station, but the flower shop is not hasn't opened yet, is already in place. 'Business has been bad, a few years ago have been closed. 'once opened in a flower shop owner said ma home village. 'public subscription flowers, just appeared once relief settle a quarter of flowers, but every time is several common types of survival, flowers have no pick, and sent a bit wither son already. 'love flowers maomao said, flower often not fresh flowers electricity, much less his morning market to buy cheap flowers. 'near the mall was still open a flower shop, but a rose to 8 yuan, most of the time also can only look at the even. 'the reporter noticed that the price of the flowers in the vending machine more affordable. 'red gerbera 5 of which 15. Mix 8 of which 9 yuan 'rose 26. 9 yuan. 'Flo garden flowers in the vending machine, the price of the small bouquet of flowers generally in more than ten yuan to 20 yuan, vases, life flower and the price of hand cream is in 20 to 30 yuan. And in the vending machine sell single branch flowers, as long as 3. 98 yuan can buy fresh rose, the most expensive bull lilies also as long as 15. 5 yuan a. New retail or into flowers economic booster the personnel of the service, says the flowers in the cabinet once every two or three days will be added to replace, but this frequency doesn't seem to meet the residents purchase enthusiasm. 'machine set out on the first day, I several times through the gate to see someone in buy flowers, by the next evening, the machine is empty. 'said one resident. 'we usually one or two days will fill a flower, some subway stations and even will be for two to three times in a day. 'said flores garden relevant controller introduces, in order to keep things fresh, replenishment of flowers is different every time. 'there are a total of more than 500 different varieties, color, or different collocation bouquet of flowers to choose from, the future will be increased to 2000. 'The last mile delivery of fresh flowers is a big pain points of industry, high temperature rapid loss makes flowers, traditional flower center warehouse performance cost of electricity in 12 to 15 yuan. 'flores said the relevant person in charge of the garden, flowers station in central warehouse + front warehouse derived miniature storehouse cut into the retail market, let the flowers become within reach. 'a worker can visit several machines at the same time of loading applique and maintenance work, can greatly reduce the loss of logistics, express delivery and packaging of artificial cost, performance cost will be reduced to 1 yuan. 'a consultancy study of flowers electricity industry, according to a report in the European and American developed countries, daily flowers consumption proportion generally accounted for 40% to 60%, in contrast, our daily flowers consumption accounted for only 5%. 'the flower consumption market in China has very big rise space. Entity store a lot of close, at present electric business platform of growth has begun to slow, new retail may make more people participate in the daily consumption of fresh flowers. 'a flower wholesale market staff said.
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