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May your smile be as cool as ice cream and as sunny as summer

Improve customer experience and reduce labor costs

Automatic fast food vending machine, box lunch vending machine, automatic heating, automatic selling of fast food, noodles, rice, pizza

The huge screen vending machine gives you a strong visual impact! !! !! It is more eye-catching and enhances the human-machine interaction rate. Regardless of whether customers buy products or not, businesses are full of dishes! !! why? 49-inch large touch screen machine, touching to jump to the product purchase page, advertising time will continue to market products for you after no one buys! !! Commercial areas can charge advertising costs! Simple and stylish, new business opportunities are waiting for you to discover! !! Large capacity! !! It can hold 360 bottles of canned drinks! !! Built-in cargo storage space, reducing manual replenishment times and labor costs after using! !! -- HALOO AI, made in China !!!

Many businesses have their own unique products, but some special hanging items make them a headache. Don't worry, let Haloo handle this issue.There are no products that cannot be hung, but only products that you do not want to hang. -- HALOO AI, MADE IN CHINA.

Hook hanging shipment vending machien, soft / ard packaging, irregular shape, never mind, let's do it!

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