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Vending machines sell lunch box is not only convenient and safe!

by:Haloo      2021-01-21
Mention the vending machine, a lot of people may think of drinks snacks type of vending machines. But this is just the previous vending machines, vending machines have now won't be able to sell anything, fresh fruits and vegetables jewelry cosmetics electronic products to be able to sell. Bento vending machine is the recently popular equipment, in the north bund has such a vending machine, every day can provide two hundred bento, bring more convenient to the region of white-collar dining choices, let they don't have to worry about for lunch! According to understand the bento vending machines will also be able to order online, pay after the success will get a bar code, to the time from work to the vending machine input bar code can get the lunch box! Then on cabinet at the bottom of the microwave oven, high temperature can directly eat add a few minutes, before and after the process is less than five minutes, but before the workers want to eat a meal to wait half an hour, even now have a bento vending machine also need not walk out of the office building! Then the bento is how to guarantee the quality and health and safety? According to staff, these boxes are to be carried out in the evening, in the morning on the vending machine, to transport the entire cold chain, so that it can ensure freshness and nutritional value is not damaged!
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