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The strength of the brand the vending machine manufacturers more and more strong!

by:Haloo      2021-01-28
Now domestic retailing costs have been on the rise, according to relevant data show that in the past five years, the domestic labor costs rose nearly five times, a lot of offline store under the pressure of the rent! These were herald a new retail industry will usher in the outbreak, the opportunities for development of intelligent vending machine will come! Many big brands capital to invest in smart vending machine, the layout of the market, the development of the intelligence that attracts major retail potential, another is to lay a solid foundation in the market, for the expansion of business accumulated at the bottom of the facilities. Now a lot of no vending factory agent began to develop the new type of intelligent vending machine, development of the Internet of things the background management system, build a complete intelligent retail software system! On the basis of this, for each area of the consumers with core proprietary products! In terms of smart retail terminals, intelligent has independently developed a variety of intelligent lunch box machine, fresh smart vending machine. Consumers don't need to make an appointment and don't need to wait in line, at any time in the downstairs can buy delicious bento, truly make delicious waiting for you, and not let you to wait for delicious!
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