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Tell me what kind of unmanned vending machine model is profitable?

by:Haloo      2021-03-16

Under the influence of the new retail market reform and the subtle influence of consumer groups, unmanned vending machines have become a hot spot in the past two years. Unmanned vending machines have also appeared on street corners, alleys and shopping malls, which not only facilitates people's temporary needs, but also creates millions of new market demands. (According to an expert) The emergence of unmanned vending machines has brought great convenience to people's lives, but it has also become a capital investment project. However, in the process of stand-alone investment, you will find that the product is not attractive due to the single product variety, monotonous SKU and noisy purchasing environment.   

But now in the front lines of some big cities, there is a sales model of unmanned vending machines, which we call the group model. The unmanned vending aircraft cluster is actually an integrated and upgraded version of the unmanned vending aircraft business. The advantage of this scheme is that it gets rid of the traditional single-function unmanned sales service and provides consumers with more choices. From the perspective of the number of SKUs and the consumption environment, the vending business has been redefined. I believe that the application of unmanned ticketing aircraft clusters is feasible. Is becoming a development trend. This is also an important solution for vending machines on the market.  

1. The grouping of unmanned vending machines solves the problem of high cost of offline convenience stores. Today, offline convenience stores still exist, which shows the necessity and market potential of convenience stores. Although the audience of convenience stores is broad and stable, the location of convenience stores is relatively fixed. This is also its shortcomings, as well as rising rents and labor costs, which make convenience stores more and more fixed. Many convenience stores are unbearable. UAV clusters not only have the above-mentioned advantages, but also greatly reduce sales costs and improve operational efficiency and profit. 2. The grouping of unmanned vending machines is more efficient than unmanned convenience stores. Unmanned convenience stores can also reduce the cost of convenience stores, so why is it more inclined to group unmanned vending machines? But unmanned convenience stores have to solve The problem of grouping unmanned vending machines can also be solved. They are all consumer-centric, in order to enhance the consumer experience, better serve consumers, and meet consumers' needs for fast and convenient shopping. The most important thing is that the grouping of unmanned vending machines is more efficient, more practical and scalable than unmanned convenience stores. The application of the grouping effect of unmanned vending machines is very good, and it also solves the current mode of operation that many people are worried about. However, there are still some people who have doubts about unmanned vending machines. Then let's talk about unmanned vending machines. Some advantages of cargo planes:    

 Advantage of unmanned vending machines: First of all, everyone should see that the new unmanned vending machines only support online payment. If someone purchases and pays, the money goes directly to the mobile phone!! No need to put change in advance to cancel it. Some people have bad intentions; secondly, unmanned vending machines have their own cameras. Sometimes when public cameras cannot identify them, the built-in surveillance cameras can penetrate the blind spots of vision and find the saboteurs. The second advantage of the unmanned vending machine: the intelligent new unmanned vending machine adopts the intelligent terminal control system, and the goods situation is at a glance. Everyone knows that the unmanned vending machine is open 24 hours, and the new unmanned vending machine can be customized online. Time, design different times according to different scenarios. The third advantage of unmanned vending machine: flexible space and space utilization rate.  

The new unmanned vending machine adopts adjustable shelves inside, and the size of the goods is not limited, and the space is fully utilized. The front adopts a full-size touch screen, which abandons the traditional physical display and coin change, and expands the space capacity by 20%. The fourth advantage of unmanned vending machines: cost savings. Capital cost: Compared with the current increase in store rents, the location of unmanned vending machines has less investment, and the placement of unmanned vending machines is more flexible and in a good space. Utilization rate reduces the cost of rent, labor cost: store operations must have at least one operator, but the unmanned vending machine is an automatic vending machine, automatic settlement, reducing human resource costs, and the unmanned vending machine operates 24 hours a day. Under the current new retail trend, unmanned vending machines are undoubtedly a good project, and as the market for unmanned vending machines becomes larger and larger, the solutions become more and more comprehensive, which lowers the threshold. I think it’s time to buy a few unmanned vending machines to lie down and make money.   

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