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How to choose the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-22
With fermentation time, the new retail concept was proposed by Mr. Ma, has become the one of the most popular industry. This years, slew of entrepreneurial force to join this emerging industry, but now, isn't it just a bonus era is not join can profit, so these misato someone dim and exit from the market. Today, the author, and you tell me the first step of the before entering the industry, choose suitable vending machine. A, quality, believe that all of us at the time of buying vending machine, all want to buy a good quality vending machine. So that at the time of purchase, we will need to carefully look at the vending machine body and the internal details, such as vending machine machine door whether founder, if there is a bruise on the body, the body deformation, etc. In addition to these external conditions, to see if there is damage of internal parts. Second, the price compared with quality, believe that the price is actually we focus first. An expensive product, its quality is not necessarily the best, but an old brand, its price and quality must be proportional to the, everyone can be different according to the budget, to pick their different price products, it is indeed possible. Now on the market quality and optimal selection of brand also has a lot of, for example in kyrgyzstan, and in the valley. Three, capacity for us to choose the vending machine, capacity in general, are the bigger the better, because the capacity, the greater the means can put the more products. But there are exceptions, also want to see what we sell products with the environment. Because the greater the capacity of the machine they machine size will be bigger, of the area will lead to greater, and its power consumption is also higher. Some of the machines we located indoors and in a hungry, if too big, it is not convenient. So we should adjust measures to local conditions, can not blindly pursue. Four, after this is the most important section of we buy the machine, that is the attitude of after-sales service. As the saying goes, suits own, is the best. But the choose and buy our products, hard to avoid can have some problem, and then revealed the importance of after-sales service. If the service attitude is very poor, hard to avoid can also affect our subsequent use, so the service attitude and is also an important standard to measure.
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