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Drinks the vending machine operators must pay attention to this, otherwise may complain constantly!

by:Haloo      2021-01-22
A few days ago, a consumer in the drink vending machine to buy canned peanut drink, inside the machine to show the xi brand of drinks a lot, but on the big screen display is another brand, and the final shipment is Dali garden brand peanut milk drink, this let the consumer feel very confused! The consumers said the goods on the shelves and display on the screen of the goods, to make his choice caused some problems, and the final shipment is not the two brands, this let him have a feeling of being deceived! A reporter in order to investigate the situation, came to the consumers to buy the vending machine, according to the prompt also bought a bottle of peanut milk beverage, and consumer's complaint, merchandise display products, display of goods and delivery of goods is not the same three brands. Reporters also to the vending machine in the same brand to buy drinks, found that there is also this kind of situation! And also found that the goods show on the master kong brand of green tea, displayed on the screen is a unified brand green tea! Reporter contacted for this vending machine management personnel, management personnel, is selling the vending machines before blessing peanut milk beverage, later replaced by a different brand, but forget to showcase and background information is updated, so appear such circumstance, and said to correct immediately!
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