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Does the unmanned vending machine have a free package from the supplier?

by:Haloo      2021-03-20
Does the unmanned vending machine have a free package from suppliers? There are three main types of unmanned vending machine suppliers, and the differences are relatively large: Unmanned vending machine manufacturers: They only manufacture vending machines according to the needs of customers, and the manufacturers will not interfere with what customers sell, and the manufacturers provide technical support. , Manufacturers generally sell machines and equipment in full. In this way, manufacturers will not provide free machines. Larger operator companies: They do not produce vending machines, they specialize in operating vending machines, and they have more business models. They can be leased and installed in installments. They are suitable for short-term use. Long-term use is definitely much more expensive than buying machines at once. After all, it takes manpower and material resources to operate the machine. Generally, vending machines are suitable for long-term use if they make money. Beverage giants: The vending machines provided by those beverage manufacturers can only sell their own beverages, and some are free of charge. But he has no operating rights. All are in the hands of operators. That's all for today's sharing. If you want to know more about unmanned vending machines in Dongguan and Guangdong, please follow the official website. The author will regularly update relevant industry information for everyone. Previous: What should we pay attention to when making adult product vending machines Next: Are there any development prospects for Guangdong unmanned vending machines?
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