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Zhongshan coke vending machines for free on the cooperation

by:Haloo      2021-02-10
Zhongshan coke vending machines for free on the cooperation with the vending machine put into use more and more, whether enterprise or individual operators are faced with a problem, how to operate the vending machine? What are the aspects need to be aware of? A, vending machine on a regular basis to see many vending machines can now use intelligent monitoring, the clouds by mobile phone or computer terminal can view the corresponding sales data, failure data and so on, so businesses need to regularly check the data, in order to ensure the normal sales. In addition to software, has to check the hardware of machine, so that a wire socket was damaged and WiFi signals are destroyed, and so on lead to problems, affect the normal sales. Second, the level of the machine layout and put the machine put goods and goods in the vending machine is put on customer experience has a great influence, can be put in his experience, when see the vending machine equipment's point of view, in order to get the best operation effect, promote sales. Three, the individuality of the vending machine to build modern consumers are the pursuit of personalized quality, pay attention to personalized experience, so need to provide a vending machine in the process of operation, can't let it seems too drab, to personalize the vending machine. Four, regularly cleaned the vending machine needs regular cleaning the vending machine equipment in the process of operation, never let the customer feel your vending machine is old, not clean. Who also don't want to choose a dirty machine to buy goods, because everyone like clean, so I need cleaned regularly, keep the vending machine clean and tidy. Dongguan pie and intelligent all-weather unattended automatic vending machine for free delivery, suit to put in schools, hospitals, railway stations, libraries, commercial pedestrian street, industrial park, factory area, high-grade office buildings, high-end community, the cinema, metro light rail, and so on! As long as you can provide a good place to put our free provide all-weather unattended vending machine! And provide free maintenance equipment and machine in selling products, and distribution operations through-train service, let you enjoy the convenience and at the same time get the grade. Time has come for a vending machine, welcome the masses of investors, the joining trader to come to consult. Cooperation pattern cooperation model a, free of installed ( The company recommended) Installed process: 1. Your application & rarr; 2. Our door-to-door investigation & rarr; 3. Confirmed that the two sides signed the contract & rarr; 4. We install the machine & rarr; 5. Management operations you supply: appropriate venues, power supply, vending machines, goods, management of operating personnel, operating vehicles, warehousing and office land features: low investment, low risk, don't worry, effectively solve the difficulties in enterprises and institutions and personal shopping. Model 2, lease rental process of cooperation: 1. Communication & rarr; 2. On our learning & rarr; 3. Confirmed that the two sides signed the contract & rarr; 4. We install the machine & rarr; 5. To operate our offer: door-to-door delivery, installation and debugging, free training, maintenance and repair. Characteristics: good business, make more; Business is bad, lose more. Three cooperation models, marketing refers to the purchase machine from our company, we provide after-sale protection. Fuji tip is vending machine industry quality brand in China. Four cooperation pattern, partnership and A cooperative 'available cargo aircraft, under the unified management, for A fee. B join refers to want to put into vending machine industry, engaged in the vending machine operation. Joining process: 1. Communication & rarr; 2. To learn our company inspection & rarr; 3. We go to your inspection & rarr; 4. Signed a cooperation agreement cooperation pattern five running and management, operation and management of generation refers to own a little bit, buy or lease vending machine after the operation to unified management, we own charge profit most of the cooperation mode; Specific fees according to the location of point, vending machine condition, operation status again. Zhongshan coke vending machines for free on the cooperation
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