English's gravity-sensing unmanned vending container hits popularity at Shenzhen International Retail Exhibition

by:Haloo      2021-07-21
The 2018 Dongguan International Smart Retail Expo will be held at the Dongguan Convention and Exhibition Center from July 31 to August 02, 2018! This expo attracted hundreds of smart retail companies from China and Asia to participate. As the first domestic supplier of unmanned retail equipment based on gravity sensing recognition technology and password-free payment, has a stunning appearance at the 2018 Dongguan International Unmanned Retail Exhibition with its all categories of unmanned containers equipped with the world’s leading intelligent system. Shopping equipment brings people an unmanned shopping experience with a sense of modernity and technology, and shows the world the powerful technology research and development capabilities of In fact, since the outbreak of unmanned retail outlets in 2017, Yidongwang's gravity-sensing recognition intelligent system has always been at the forefront of the times, leading the global trend of unmanned vending containers. Through this appearance, it has become a hot new favorite at the exhibition in one fell swoop. At the scene, the shopping experience of Yidongwang's gravity-sensing unmanned vending cabinets that can be taken and taken away and closed and automatically settled was a major focus of this exhibition. Consultation and negotiation partners swarmed the entire exhibition hall. Artificial intelligence empowers new retail, demonstrating the latest technological integration strength of At this exhibition, presented a smart shopping experience with a sense of modernity and technology with a brand-new future smart self-service consumption concept. Users only need to complete the three-step process of scanning the code to open the door, remove the product, and close the door to automatically settle the three-step process, and then they can experience a relaxed and happy shopping, which makes the visitors refreshing. The convenient and efficient shopping experience also makes's gravity-sensing unmanned vending cabinet. In this exhibition, I have received numerous praises. The take-and-go shopping experience has already amazed consumers, and the intelligent and efficient operation system is also highly appreciated by visitors at the exhibition.'s gravity-sensing unmanned vending container is based on a self-developed back-end management system, which helps merchants to monitor the operation of each retail terminal device in real time without going out. Replenishment reminders and sales reports can also be known at home. Yidongwang's gravity-sensing unmanned vending container can sell fresh fruits and vegetables per catty, and can sell food and beverages per piece. There are refrigerated, refrigerated, heated, and room temperature cabinets, and can provide private customized services according to customer needs. In just one year , Has installed more than 3,000 unmanned vending cabinets in more than 50 cities, which are widely used in communities, office buildings, schools, transportation hubs, parks and other places. They have also won a good reputation in the national market and have successfully helped many focus on In the future, not only the present, friends with entrepreneurial dreams will embark on the road to wealth.
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