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With the opening of the new retail model, what is the market prospect of unmanned intelligent vending machines?

by:Haloo      2023-05-26
Under the general pattern of the Internet, a new consumption model is emerging, online payment, offline purchase, and the Internet will organically combine online and offline to form a closed loop of offline physical store consumption. New retail has become an irreversible development trend in the future, unmanned mode is inevitable, and unmanned vending machines are the most important future trend. It has been hailed as the most profitable vehicle for the next five years. Why do you say that? Because unmanned vending machines not only have the advantages of big data and convenience of unmanned stores, but also completely explode unmanned stores in terms of profitability. The high damage rate has made open shelves eliminated by the market, and closed smart containers have become the focus of the market. However, in the actual promotion process, there are still many difficulties in large-scale replication! The main problem That is, the cost of smart containers is relatively high, and the operating cost of procurement, logistics and replenishment is also the key point to be solved! Now there are two main roads, one is to carry out independent operation and establish an organizational supply chain and logistics team; the other is to carry out cooperation with traditional retail Cooperation, such as husband-and-wife stores, community stores, etc., shall be operated by the store owner. But the problem is that it is more difficult to push the ground, and the store has to pay a certain amount of education costs! The unmanned vending machine can meet the more fragmented and immediate consumer demand, and can be used as a good supplementary model to the traditional retail model! Specifically In other words, a small store is equivalent to a wholesale business. You only need to buy some during daily ordering, and you can be the most prepared for the products of the unmanned vending machine! And the vending machine emphasizes immediacy, scene-based consumption, and small The store is generally only a few hundred meters away, and replenishment is very convenient. It can also be placed outside the store, which is equivalent to realizing 24-hour store operation, which is of great help to the increase in turnover! Unmanned smart vending machines continue Iteration, from simple sales to marketing and payment integration, vending machines have created more offline consumption scenarios. Offline consumption is moving towards speed. The combination of facial recognition payment and automatic vending simplifies this consumption operation and makes the purchase experience better. The choice can be settled in one step from payment, eliminating the need for the process of scanning codes on mobile phones. Last year, Yitouch Technology teamed up with Alipay to launch a smart vending machine capable of face recognition payment, which really let everyone experience the pleasure of shopping by face. The face recognition vending machine payment mode is very simple, the customer directly selects the goods on the vending machine; the payment method chooses face recognition payment, and the camera that comes with the face recognition vending machine starts to scan and recognize the customer's face. For safety, customers need to enter the mobile phone number bound to Alipay for verification in the early stage. After the goods are shipped, they take out the goods from the pick-up port of the vending machine, and the shopping is completed. In the process of facial recognition payment and shopping, the operation is simple and fast, without redundant operation steps, and the shopping experience for customers is very good. The false recognition rate of this face recognition system developed by Alipay is quite low, and the twins can be easily identified without confusion. From the above situation, you can see that compared with the traditional scanning code payment vending machine, the face recognition payment vending machine has significant advantages. You can easily pay for Alipay shopping on the vending machine, and really rely on face! According to the '2018-2023 China's self-service vending machine industry market prospect forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report' data show , From 2012 to 2016, the number of vending machine market kept increasing, and the growth rate generally rose and changed. According to the overall situation of the vending machine market in Europe, the United States and Japan at this stage, statistics show that the number of vending machines in the world reached 18.9 million in 2016, an increase of 5% over the previous year. With the deepening of global industry automation and the improvement of automated consumption awareness, the global vending machine market will exceed 20 million units in 2018. On the whole, the volume of vending machines in my country is growing rapidly. With the development of technology and the popularity of unmanned retail on a larger scale, the future market prospects of automated vending machines are very promising. Nowadays, vending machines are becoming more and more popular, and have become a popular industry in the hearts of many investors. In 2017, the domestic vending machine industry still maintained a relatively healthy profit rate. In terms of the operating market, although traditional operating companies still occupy the forefront in terms of scale and profit, innovative operating companies are better than some traditional operating companies in terms of profitability and growth potential. run the business. At the same time, due to the entry of these innovative companies, the structure of the entire market is changing, and some fields are rapidly growing into emerging growth points of the market. The integration of the vending machine industry and the Internet is deepening. Due to the rapid development of the Internet economy, the needs of consumers are becoming more and more diverse. The concept of unmanned stores is rapidly becoming popular in the industry. The combination of different types, different functions, and different scenarios has brought the entire vending machine industry into the era of unmanned stores. Under the fast-paced development of unmanned stores, vending machines are full of glory. new vitality. With the rapid popularization of the concept of unmanned stores in the industry, more and more people are turning their attention to vending machines, and everyone wants to get a share of the promising market of vending machines. Before choosing to invest, it is still necessary to have a good understanding of the market conditions. Only in this way can we better help ourselves to manage the project well and maximize the revenue.
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