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Winter season there is no self-service retail vending machine and automatic vending machine really

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
'this winter is the coldest winter in 60 years, the most serious snow' 'this year is the coldest since 2008 year' 'all this is associated with la Nina' recently, along with the National Day holiday to cool a few times, now some of these posts widely circulated on the Internet, WeChat. Then, for operating the vending machine we are is in the off-season? NONONO since October, the weather has been rather cold, many operators are complaining about no business, so, can we make the vending machine is not in the cold, farewell single refrigeration embarrassing situation? Today, don't worry, I have good news for everyone, whether it is a science and technology the self-service retail vending machines or a vending machine can refrigeration heating home refrigerator for everyone at the same time, must know, the door is opened, you will see the ivory lining, which is a integrated science and technology of the tank, without joining together to produce the weld, won't produce rust, convenient for people to do, clean sanitation, so, also let everybody know this one-piece tank locks a bladder under cold effect is very good, double electric heating glass window, intelligent technologies vending machine now only 99 yuan can be equipped with heating function, the motivation of your equipment in a cold is not cold, is on duty at the latest, busy tired people bring a warm, on to a bottle of hot milk tea, warm your stomach, let the whole winter no longer cold, improve customer experience, a bottle of drink warm everyone's heart
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