Will vending machines that have been silent for a long time usher in a boom?

by:Haloo      2021-07-21
Will vending machines that have been silent for a long time usher in a boom? Today, the editor introduced to us that vending machines will usher in a boom? Let's read and understand together! Vending machines are no longer new in China. As a self-service retail terminal, its point distribution is flexible, and it can penetrate into corridors, subway stations and other difficult-to-access spaces to meet instant convenience and random consumption needs, and does not require manpower on duty. It can be open 24 hours a day, with Unique channel value. Vending machines From the perspective of the retail industry, with the decline of online traffic dividends, the value of offline traffic has been re-examined, but offline store formats are also facing the pressure of rising labor and rental costs. Therefore, vending machines with small labor costs and small footprint have become a hot topic. The emergence of new equipment such as self-service juice machines, self-service coffee machines, fresh vending machines, and so on, has made this business format show infinite possibilities. Vending machine intelligent technology upgrade and the arrival of the mobile payment era are also important driving factors for the rise of the vending machine industry. The back-end management system of the smart vending machine can monitor commodity inventory and operating conditions in real time. With back-end data, operators can more planned replenishment and equipment maintenance, thereby reducing operating costs. Through the analysis of sales data, the position of the vending machine and the product structure can be optimized. Users can also check the location and merchandise of nearby vending machines through the APP and purchase them directly, realizing online diversion. Coupled with more timely replenishment, single-machine sales can be increased. Vending machine The display screen of the smart vending machine, in addition to better interaction with users, also has considerable advertising value. Vending machines themselves are distributed in areas with high human traffic and are natural advertising space resources. Display advertising further taps the value of offline traffic and expands the profit model of vending machines. In terms of business format, compared with the decline of traditional offline retail, the vending machine industry is in a period of rapid development, and the potential market prospects are broad. Compared with other formats, vending machines should have unique advantages in terms of operating costs and operating models. At present, the domestic vending machine market has a broad development space, and we expect that the domestic vending machine business scale will continue to grow in 2017. The above is the information about the vending machine industry. If you want to know the information about our vending machine industry, please click to enter our official website, we will help you!
Clouds of vending machine manufacturers failures surround the world of commercial vending machine in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the vending machine as they should do.
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