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Widely divergent, no vending machine surface benchmarking are disappearing

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
At present, China vending machine under the vending supermarkets' crackdown ', will take in? Investigators are given the right answer. Vending machine history and foreign status quo of the world's first modern vending machines in the early 1780 s, developed and implemented in the UK the granting of the postcard. And the world's first vending machine was invented in 215 BC in ancient Egypt. Japan vending machine industry development, the earliest is already very mature. The outbreak of the vending machine industry mainly due to Japan's high labor costs, land rent rise considerably affected by the government, putting the little. Currently has more than 500 vending machines in Japan, vending machines sell everything, not only selling drinks ( Including beer, etc. ) , food, cigarettes, also sells the game CARDS, books, umbrellas, toys, god sign and so on. In the United States and Europe, vending machine of the momentum of development is also very rapidly, its performance is equally impressive. The vending machine has developed to the European average 60 people and have a average 40 people in the United States have one. European each vending machine, ranging between $50 to $100, in Paris metro station, for example, a total of 1500 units, is put in each site sales amounted to 6 million francs a month. The vending machine retail turnover of up to $29. 3 billion, Japan every year each consumer spending $5 in vending machine. 50000 yen. Every year all over the world by the total amount of the vending machine sell goods has amounted to $200 billion. The present domestic only the number of open data and information vending machine: by the end of 2016, the Chinese mainland only no more than 190000 units, which is Top1 treasure friends ( More than 3. 80000) The source (, is ranked by m More than 20000 units) 。 Detailed and specific data, there is no official public data. Nankai gold is the nose main domestic vending machine industry, as early as in 2000 the introduction of vending machine. Nankai gold from a vending machine research and development, manufacture, sales, and formed its own operation of closed-loop chain. Also gave birth to the vending machine as the first batch of talents, and this group of people have now is the top of the vending machine industry or executives in the industry leader. Follow-up data about nankai gold: China's first vending machine market pioneer nankai gold is died in size. Fifteen years ago, they use three years time, dozens of cities across the country nearly 30000 sets of equipment layout operations, raising nearly 1 billion yuan. But the company has drag in huge financial burden, staff management costs, low execution efficiency. Later, they even according to eight years in the allowance for depreciation of computing machines, to realize the meager profit illusion to obtain financing. - Excerpt from a piece of soft wen. Domestic vending machine main body divided manufacturers in the industry chain: responsible for research and development, manufacture, production hardware. Domestic production is large and small manufacturers have more than 30, and in the top 10 manufacturers and vendors have pulled open behind a very large distance, from the aspects of production, research and development ability, technology level, reflect. In domestic to easily touch, Fuji, iceberg, ji, aucma, fu lei, such as Snow White, gold code go ahead. Traditional individual operators: buying equipment from various manufacturers, launch and operation in the local. The advantage of the local traditional operators point resources, there are more than 300 different scale to the current domestic operators. To find deer, such as to music. Vendor class carriers: from the various manufacturers of custom equipment and software, its main business, Such as drinks, food, etc. ) Through vending machine channel sink, through regional proprietary, joined, free delivery operation equipment, and some traditional individual operators in order to save the cost of buying equipment, will also join in the system. As the source, nongfu spring, such as unified represented by this class. 2. 0 operators: have a certain genetic operator of the Internet, through the use of the Internet technology, operation mode to manage the operating vending machine. They will customize different scenarios from Top5 manufacturer of hardware, but software developed by your team and hardware compatibility with different manufacturers, through proprietary, joining methods such as operation, to treasure as a typical representative. Third-party intellectual change solutions business: according to the traditional operators to provide the stock of old equipment intelligent retrofit scheme, provide mobile payments, the back-end data management ability; Provide with solution for manufacturers of incremental equipment, meet the market demands for the characteristics of the equipment, represented by the hit John tong. Industrial chain of each main body structure of main production manufacturers to sell equipment management pattern to various operators; Traditional operators earn depend mainly on the difference of selling goods, goods channels aisle fee; Suppliers, 2 class operators. 0 operators earn depend mainly on wholesale commodity difference, and software services, advertising and other value-added services fees; Third party price difference of change on depend mainly on hardware scheme transform, software services, value-added services and advertisement. Japan more than one hundred million people have ten thousand more than 500 various kinds of vending machine, the United States nearly 5 million vending machine has more than three hundred million people, more than seven hundred million people across Europe also has more than 3 million sets of various kinds of vending machine. China's more than 14, one hundred million people really only has less than 300000 vending machine. More than the Chinese retail market size is very big can say is the world's largest, as a kind of intelligent retail terminal, the number is certainly far cannot satisfy the future demand. At present in the 3456 cities not popularized because local human cost is low, it made retail vending machine cost advantage is not obvious. But in the continuous development of economy, people's overall wages are rising, with the passage of time, the use of vending machines in retail cost advantage will be more and more obvious.
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