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Why you choose the vending machine deep

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
It is not difficult to find that, in recent years, human capital is higher and higher. Since 2005, during the ten years of labor capital increased 5 times in China, up 15 times than in 1995. Human as an integral part of the process of traditional retail, rising wages caused a temporary retail chain each link capital to add, profit space is tight. At the same time, since 2005, the national house prices straight up and rent rent. In Shanghai, for example, some areas of commercial rent ten years added at least eight times, the store holding capital surge. Entity in electronic commerce retail enterprise capital, human capital, the rent under the three sides will, life has become increasingly difficult. In addition, the vending machine as a set of sound, light, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech intelligent products, its development is dependent on the skills update iteration. Mobile pay skills throughout, greatly enhance the settlement of the vending machine power and the customer's shopping experience. AI skills, big data and cloud accounting, deepening the use of biological recognition skills such as the stability of the vending machine and operating power is increased significantly, infinite goods to become possible.
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