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Why traditional hotel retail will choose the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
, along with the new consumer demand s and is a new retail promotion, and this kind of go through is the essence of the cognitive and aesthetic. Based on the new retail customers drive s new hotel leather statement, 2016 - During 2021, the country will be 1. $8 trillion private consumption to increase, in 90, after 95 young customers to increase consumption accounted for more than 69 PPM. These groups are also become the main stream of new consumer s strength, influence and guide the industry leather new consumption structure in our country. In the hospitality industry, for example. Practice, regardless of from consumption promotion is still a new generation of consumer behavior change, the hotel has become an integral part of new retail ecosystem. Now to the hotel as a new retail scene has spawned three characteristics. First, realize new retail ( Or new retail scene) 。 Hotel will go through practice enhance the user's perception of brands and products, to end the flow of transformation; Second, the new retail consumer. The essence of retail is to sell the goods, as a stream of people more frequently offline places, the hotel no one natural into all kinds of new retail players compete to occupy the scene; Third, the new retail immediacy. With a new, quick, quick private experience, brings to the user the satisfaction of mind and life interest. Industry experts analyze the thought, the new retail despite the huge market potential, but whether the traditional hotel is still new hotels are facing itself to carry out the pain points and difficult points: member of low viscosity, high turnover rate, heavy selling light service, customer satisfaction is low, the product form through difficult, short life cycle, and rising rents and capital operation, etc.
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