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Why touch screen vending machine on the market so much, very make money?

by:Haloo      2021-01-30
As early as a few years, see you at the mall or mall of vending machines may be that a machine cabinet, square founder and are often only support the COINS and bills to pay, may be a bit shabby. But now, you will find that most of the vending machines are change is quite big, bright and clean bright screen appears to instant level lift in appearance, coupled with non-stop exquisite advertising, fashionable breath. If you participated in recent weeks the vending machine exhibition, you will find the vending machine configuration touch screen has become the industry standard. Why so many touch screen vending machines? Because of money? Along with the development of the mobile Internet, actually touch screen type automatic vending machine will be a trend, investigate its reason, mainly to the following three points: 1. New pay model of catalyst for the development of mobile Internet, has given rise to more convenient and intelligent of payment. Touch screen vending machine not only support WeChat pay, pay treasure to sweep yards, also support payment method based on face recognition, even the sound waves to pay! These new payment method is not only convenient security, at the same time also supports human-computer interaction, and attract more new consumers. Touch screen mobile payment, for consumers to pay more convenient; For businesses, can obtain more abundant operational data, also save the manpower cost. 2. Human-computer interaction to strengthen the user viscosity based on touch screen, businesses can open up a lot of fun to play, such as the previously popular lipstick machine and bag machine. After consumer spending can participate in all kinds of fun activities, win a generous gift. Shopping in the entertainment, the businessman grasp the social needs, the user set the interesting activities, attracted a large number of new consumers, increase the viscosity of users. 3. Advertising revenue too attract merchants can not only bring traffic guidance to their online mall, public channels such as cash, can also use advertising rent to a third party, completely lying to earn! And businesses can real-time monitoring the operation situation of each vending machine use big data analytics advertising push effect, timely adjust the vending machine advertising screen shows and dynamic, to display the advertising value to the ideal state. According to the forward-looking industry research institute research data shows, 2013 - Self-help vending machine in China, 2016 AD sales market scale rapid growth, growth rate as high as 6. 7 times, self-help vending machine in 2017 AD sales scale has reached 1. 2 billion yuan, up 65% from a year earlier, advertising has become a touch screen vending machine middle reaches of the industrial chain's second-largest source of profit. On market that is about the analysis of the causes of so many touch screen vending machines, believe that after understanding, we know the vending machine actually earn money without. The development of the vending machine in our country is still relatively slow, from the United States and other places there are a lot of gap in Japan, believe in the near future, penetration will greatly improve!
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