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Why the room sales opportunity to get people love

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Mobile pay a skill, make online retail for some time to replace the traditional retail most of the shopping mall. Electricity traders rushed up to the consumption way and expanded the area is large, and novelty, back on the electricity as arrived at the limit, online traffic fundamental full, unable to further improve the professional than entity retail electricity, shopping experience is always the problem, practice the supply of products and how many there are discrepancies, customers to complete the direct touch to touch, feel. To break the shackles of online retail, and put forward the new retail concept, trying to online and offline experience together, together with the logistics service, promote the electricity and entity retail store business dimensions promotion again. Along with the development of the economy, the product price is not the first pick people consumption, low quality, service experience, more worthy of people to pay attention to, no one to look at the retail is expected to become the first to carry out the trend of new retail later, active in the vending machine as there is no retail minimal risk, skills, a member of the most sophisticated, are popular with the vast investors. Guest room vending machine is active vending machine of new commercial form, his performance in what way the new retail center requirements? Precision for sale: in the hotel rooms for sale scene completed scenario Precision, more general vending machine, guest room vending machine more targeted on product selection, can be said to be made for hotel accommodation crowd, it completed the Precision of positioning to the customer. This form of selling to the supply of product is more fit the needs of customers, simple resonate and consumer excitement, let the customer enjoy more heart-to-heart service experience. Precision in the form of sale will reduce the inventory of the product, and it supplies the self-help, fast service is completed on new retail experience in service optimization must regulate, but these are not enough to directly define as the new retail. Integration of online and offline: based on Internet skills, mobile pay for interface, making room vending machine for smart retail terminal. Online services include customer get rooms from online know, vending machine related implementation, promotion information, the choose and buy, pay online products; Offline experience which supply product visibility, but rational intuitive features such as services. Support mobile pay a function active vending machine is very good to complete the requirements, complete the online drainage to offline consumption intention. To customers as the center member: follow consumer promotion, high quality products and services more can move the heart of the customer. Guest room the use of vending machines, complete with forms of consumption, namely the product before you have not paid cannot be touched, damaged, lost will not attack situation, ensure that the interests of customers is not subject to damage reduced and hotel together. Vending machine products consumption need not approved by check out the check of the product, improve the hotel service power and good maintenance of the customer's privacy and product suit is also a method to improve customer experience is very good, real execution around the customer as the center of the product.
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