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Why no vending machine of science and technology so popular?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Ma 2016 new retail concept, from now on, intelligent automatic vending machine to the market in 2018, many entrepreneurs on the business opportunities, in this industry, then, why intelligence vending machines are so popular? The author take you detailed analysis. Artificial intelligence can assign a new retail, flow and data sharing based on the platform of online fusion new retail model of gaining momentum, compared with the traditional retail, is the most typical characteristics of new retail by unmanned intelligent service combined with mobile payment, reduce the time cost of consumers, improving the consumer shopping experience. At the same time, the optimization of traditional retail face the rent is high, the artificial cost is high, is a retail industry authors effect of exploration. Under the effect of technology and the new business model driven, future business scenario may a new 'smart new retail. Smart vending machine as the ground in the 'smart new retail terminals, based on artificial intelligence technology, in-depth study master commodity information, using dynamic video identification in the process of user consumption instantly capture user behavior and the commodity characteristics, and finished goods sales analysis and settlement. And at the same time of realizing unmanned operation using intelligent terminal background, scenes, selling on consumption goods, consumer habits, etc, to make analysis and forecasting. Upgrade consumer scenarios, optimize the SKU, analysis of consumer psychology and consumption habit, by raising the terminal sales. And achieved the integration of online, fundamentally improving consumption experience. Items not restricted intelligent vending machine adopts industry advanced 'dynamic video recognition technology + cloud computing technology, enhance the recognition rate and reduce more products to sell hardware requirements. Working principle of the popular, since the user to open the door the cloud video recording is automatically work, users in the process of consumption action were recorded one by one, such as with what products, with a few products, back to The Times and so on, the user closed after video recording is completed, upload the cloud big data analysis, automatic deduction launched a bill. Minimize the restriction on selling goods, fresh fruit, bread, cake, snacks, beverages, household goods, daily necessities, defender of the individual, craft gift, etc all can realize sales at the same time. Intelligent automatic vending machine, from the mechanical cabinet put oneself in another's position, do not need multiple specifications commodity separate custom selling orbit; Different from RFID cabinet put oneself in another's position, also need not worry about metal packaging, transparent packaging identification tag signals because of outside interference can't identify; Different from pure gravity cabinet put oneself in another's position, do not need to worry about the same weight of goods can't identify cause can't sell at the same time; Different from static identification of cabinet put oneself in another's position, don't need to worry about goods cannot overlay sales cannot fully application of cabinet put oneself in another's space. Fully using the artificial intelligence technology to expand can sell items to maximize, will also be commodity recognition rate control in 99%. Believe that the above points, intelligent automatic vending machine system of powerful intelligent enough to attract your interest, want to know more about can contact customer service, free access to relevant information.
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