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Why is the Tik Tok game lipstick vending machine so attractive?

by:Haloo      2021-03-04
Speaking of the claw machine, almost everyone knows it. Whether in shopping malls, movie theaters, subway stations, amusement parks, etc., there will be claw machines. Most people can't help but see two claw machines. As long as they catch a handful of dolls, they must send a circle of friends to celebrate. a bit! Do you know now that the most popular on the market is the gaming lipstick machine. Is this more exciting than grabbing a doll? There are countless videos on Douyin and Kuaishou. The lipstick game console is a device specially designed for girls. As long as you have this lipstick vending machine, many girls don’t need to go to the lipstick counter to buy it. You no longer have to count the days and wait for purchase, and you don’t need to save food every week. Drink and get money to buy lipstick. This machine is very simple and fun to operate. Gameplay: insert a coin or scan the code to pay, select the lipstick box and click on the cabinet number to start the game. There are three levels in the game. Insert the lipstick into the macarons ( Biscuits) Note: The lipstick must not touch the lipstick on the biscuit, otherwise, the lipstick will fail to pass the three levels and take the lipstick. Why is the Douyin lipstick machine so hot? ①For girls, it is not necessary to wear makeup or foundation, but they must wear lipstick, a must for girls! Even if you don't wear makeup and just apply lipstick, you can make the whole person look refreshed! ②Necessary for chasing women: It's time to show your true strength, usually playing games, so how do you get less when you win glory for yourself? After winning, there are excuses for playing games. This is undoubtedly a must-play item for boys. Hurry up to win the lipstick and send it to your favorite girl or girlfriend! After all, her beauty still needs you. ③The gameplay is super simple, choose your favorite lattice gift, insert the lipstick into the cookie, and pass the three levels to receive the lipstick! Note: If you don’t like to play games, you can also buy it directly. ④This good project can be placed directly in a place with a lot of traffic, with low investment and quick return on costs. It is undoubtedly a good investment project.
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