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Why everybody goods safely within the village vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
A lot of people about fresh vending machine provided by community inside, now suggest that fresh vending machine can indeed bring convenience! Demand can be bought at his own door, don't have to spend time to vegetable market to buy, would like to have the time to buy, come home late at night also don't have to worry can't buy food, and these types of vending machine of vegetables are thorough. About gens going to work, is indeed a very good a choice, also can finish the order online, and then to take goods, is very convenient! And those sold prepackaged food, the fresh vending machine sells the product type is very much! These fresh vending machine a total of more than ten kinds of products, in addition to the common vegetables, eggs and meat, and hairy crabs, shrimp and other seafood! According to the present controller introduces, vending machines and product in the process are refrigerated distribution and can guarantee the freshness of food! Each product is done with fresh packaged in plastic box, the box above clearly indicate the date of production, unit price and weight, and other important information, the more customers to see the information at ease of purchase! And customers need to purchase products only need to input the corresponding number, serial number is marked on the product box, scanning yards after pay, vending machine elevator will take the product to take pickup mouth, damage so thorough don't have to worry!
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