Why choose intelligent vending machine to transform the traditional convenience store?

by:Haloo      2021-01-22
Now many of the traditional convenience store are not make money, is one of the important reasons for the cost of the rent is higher and higher, the intelligent upgrade has become the best choice of the traditional convenience store. Intelligent vending machines because of itself, the area is small, can put in the door of the shop, do not take up business area, also do not need to pay additional rental. Also don't need to increase, in terms of artificial need only after sales for replenishment, convenience store boss can give attention to two or morethings, without increasing labor costs can achieve 24 hours a day. In addition, the intelligent vending machine compared with no shops, is also no one new retail model, but no one shop need to tally clerk for the sorting of goods. And no one store because of the high cost of the technology, the cost of upgrading to compare intelligent vending machine many times, such reform will be facing great difficulties, the general traditional store want to use this way to reform is not a good choice. Now, although consumers' overall quality is improved, but there are many people with low quality, many no one shop had been in stolen loss phenomenon, which is currently blocked no development of a major reason. So no shops to consumer's quality requirement is high, and no this aspect of the vending machine, now sweeping security code to open the door of the vending machine is very high, the traditional retail shopping experience way has a lot of ascension, and provide businesses with good security. Intelligent vending machines because covers an area of less, flexibility is strong, can quickly capture new retail market, for those who want to quickly capture gold traffic market operators is a good choice.
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