Why can vending machines make money?

by:Haloo      2021-03-10
Why can vending machines make money? Vending machines have opened a new door to the 'unmanned retail' format with their advantages of convenience, automation, and low cost. Many people are puzzled about the new products of vending machines. This is also why many people choose vending machines as entrepreneurs. Or the first question for the sideline business: how do vending machines make money? The author of the vending machine manufacturer will introduce to you below. No one sells goods. A single vending machine that is open 24 hours a day is equivalent to a small convenience store. It is mainly merchandise. Therefore, the main source of money is merchandise. However, it is essentially different from a convenience store, because it does not require manual sales, it is open 24 hours a day, regardless of wind or rain, as long as there is electricity, the vending machine can be open all year round, so, Compared with convenience stores, except for the cost of goods, the maintenance fee of the vending machine, and the electricity bill, the rest is the profit earned. Media advertising, additional income. Many people think that the source of income for vending machines is only merchandise. The author of the vending machine manufacturer tells you that in addition to merchandise, there is another biggest source, which is the large LCD display on the vending machine. Media advertisements played on the screen. Of course, some vending machines of different brands or categories do not have their own display screens, but most vending machines have their own large LCD screens. Except for some without a display screen, the rest are built-in 19 Inch, 27 inch or 32 inch LCD screen. Compared with traditional physical retail stores, this not only reduces the cost of media advertising, but also cooperates with other products to allow them to broadcast advertisements on vending machines and increase advertising revenue. The above content is organized and released for you by the author of the vending machine manufacturer. If you need to know more about the vending machine, please pay attention to our company's official website. Previous article: How to price the unmanned vending machine in Dongguan?
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