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Why are vending machine introduces for you below users like

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
In essence, drinks the vending machine is not the so-called new retail, but the brand under the backdrop of urbanization useful way of broadening the ways. In recent years, because of the external environment, such as population, consumption, media, network, competition and other unfavorable factors of convergence and consensus. Selling results continue to decline. A growing number of fast moving consumer goods companies are active to broaden a new approach, especially dedicated to the vending machine professional self construction and direct manipulation. By 2017, mountain spring belongs to the vending machine planning to break more than ten thousand sets, and establish the special operations division. In 2016, the company invested 2 billion yuan to build their own national retail terminal shops, to 2017, in the national layout more than 12600 vending machine. Sell the speed beat whole career. Recently reported, consistent control will accelerate layout vending machine business in mainland China, and put into 4. 500 million yuan extension vending machines installed, in order to build a new growth point. Can see, FMCG companies vending terminal layout, must extent on the power of its brand. First, vending machine as a 24 hour operation of miniature supermarket, cover an area of an area small, sensitive point spread, can penetrate into the corridor stores such as inaccessible space, useful to deal with the entity the rent is high, high human capital (such as retailing, real do the low capital and pervasive in the city layout.
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