Wholesale vending machines, a new sales move into the second half

by:Haloo      2021-02-17
Wholesale vending machines, direct selling industry to meet the current intelligence, IPEQ, quotient sections is difficult, 'west China university professor jiang middle school district sales management says, the direct selling industry has long been named as well versed in the service sector, with the ability to develop and research for nearly didn't contact, less data parsing and unique research level plan. Merchants did not reveal the direct selling industry self-regulation of the self determination, active, have insufficient awareness friends less than complete, responsible for neat, etc. Second jiang reiterated that the new era called 'retail revolution'. In henan university of social institution acting dean Wei Hang feel, on a wave of spirit embodied in new sales in the industry caused by the growth of the field, and further promote the express, the innovation of digital and cash flow, and now the new sales move into the second half, spirit embodied in the globalization, mass, and the characteristics of the processing customized for wholesale a large number of growth, for convenience, quality, Europe and the United States fan and experience to meet demand growth and in the communications industry, such as standard military for characterization of new technical innovations. Wei Hang is introduced in detail, the effectiveness of the international level and the demand of assumption parts, must be the sales model of innovation, and where is summed up in four: new type of convenience store, a new type one shop, the wholesale vending machine/no convenience store and sell on the market. 'About a component parts quickness high internationalization level is high, the demand of sales, is likely to be back to the independent sale localization transformation, by wholesale vending machine, such as no convenience store for efficiency. While online sale spirit demand oriented quickness is lower, parts sales regions with higher leels of internationalization. 'Wholesale vending machines, the direct selling industry in the future to strengthen power on buyers to as the focus, for online and offline skill in order to maintain the expansion into new sales,' business development center of Shanghai lecturer Huang Yu reiterated that the fixed trade and online trading is not contradictory, standard revealed two lines smooth, slowly expansion into which aspects, second fixed trade the ability to discover new life class, especially the efficiency level of life, experience life in the class there are diversified and personalized demand saturation is of the most obvious strengths current keywords for: hotel vending machine the vending machine manufacturers an article on the front desk: drinks vending machine agent, new sales began to fill up 2. 0
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