Whether the vending machine makes money and the business opportunities it contains

by:Haloo      2021-12-17
The operation of convenience stores often consumes a lot of manpower and financial resources, while vending machines only consume the cost of purchasing the machine, so can vending machines really make money? What business opportunities do they contain? The following article is simple for everyone Introduce it. 1. Does the vending machine make money? Investing in a vending machine has many advantages. For example, the advantage of the first calculation is that after the machine is bought back, it is placed there, and then it can be kept open 24 hours a day. For example, there are some convenience stores that were originally intended to be open 24 hours a day, but after all, people's energy is limited. Every day from morning to night, someone will come to see the store, and there will be special people to see it at night. This is definitely overwhelming for the operators, and if such a machine is used, it does not require people to guard the shop. As long as the machine is there, it can be guaranteed to be open for 24 hours. Even if it is windy or rainy, the machine can stay there to serve customers. This is definitely easier than running a 24-hour convenience store. The second important advantage of this machine is that it not only guarantees long-term business, but also has some display devices in this machine, and it can also broadcast advertisements about products and other things in this display device. Information, then by investing in a machine like this, you can not only make money by buying and selling goods, but you can also play advertisements through the display screen in the machine, and get a profit from the advertisement for the merchants. This is a simple analysis of whether the vending machine can make money. To be honest, this kind of machine is widely used in our country, and there is still a long way to go. So in the next ten to twenty years, money can be made by investing in this kind of machine. Because this kind of vending machine is now in great demand in China, many people are willing to go shopping on this kind of machine. Now it is the best time to invest in a vending machine. 2. Business Opportunities Contained in Vending Machines In the past two years, the rapid development of the vending machine industry has attracted the attention of many interested people, and there is an endless stream of companies and individuals who have entered this field. Some experts predict that before 2015, there will be a blowout phenomenon in the vending machine industry. Merchants who enter this industry in advance and have a favorable position will become a new batch of self-service tycoons created by the development of this industry. The reporter recently visited some vending machine operators and learned about some industry conditions. According to an operator, the profit margin of this industry is very large. There are many blank areas in the market. Collect money. He now has dozens of locations. One of the best locations is in a factory. More than 20 beverage vending machines are placed on one wall of the factory area. The average daily turnover of the machines is about 1,000 yuan. The operator calculated an account for the reporter: Excluding all operating expenses, the net profit of the beverage is about 20%, each machine is 200 yuan per day, 6,000 yuan a month, 20 machines are 120,000 a month, and the total investment of 20 machines is not To 600,000, the cost can be recovered in 5 months. With the development of the industry, the good points themselves are increasing in value. As long as the right points are selected, this is an industry that makes a profit without losing money. The reporter also visited some vending machine manufacturers. According to Manager Liu of Miquan Vending Machine Company, the number of orders has increased sharply in recent years, and many individuals and companies have invested in this industry. Because the investment of vending machines is not large, you can start to try operations with tens of thousands of dollars, and the flow of funds is smooth, and the payback speed is faster. Operators from small to large are everywhere. The above article is a brief introduction to whether the vending machine makes money and business opportunities. I hope this article can bring effective help to the readers and friends.
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