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When the vending machine operation need maintenance

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Here we introduce the vending machine in everyday use, how to maintain? Coin recognition: COINS in circulation process is easy to dirty, when stains more money through vending machine sales, coin on stains, if the stain is overweight, can lead to the vending machine the choice of coin, change, and work performance. To maintain the good performance of recognizer COINS for coin recognizer channel, should wipe at least once a month, when wiping nor with hot water, can wipe gently with wet cloth or dry cloth. Pickup: due to pickup the mouth of the vending machine is very low, easy to stain the dirt, so businesses at every time of replenishment, with a cloth rub-up pickup lateral and medial mouth, clean, clean impression to consumers. After conversion: when closed to have dust, wipe with dry cloth. And if the dust is too much, don't rub off, wash with warm water or water dilute neutral net, and then use dishcloth touchs dilute solution to clean the machine. Even more difficult to eliminate, also cannot use a solvent or lye machine is wiped, otherwise the panel and the choice of key will produce crack. Unwanted vending machine in operation, to maintain good, do not use for a long time to also be careful maintenance, must not neglect. If a vending machine has been used for a long time, you should lock it up, don't make the vending machine door open state. Taking out all the things in it. The leakage protector switch installed in the closed position, unplug the power plug. Again to wipe a vending machine interior and exterior, pour the water from the evaporator water storage box at the same time, after washing clean.
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