What to do if you encounter smashing and theft in an unmanned vending machine shop!

by:Haloo      2021-08-10
What to do if you encounter smashing and theft in an unmanned vending machine shop! Hello everyone, I’m the editor, do you know vending machines? Today, the editor will analyze it specifically for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you. The value of the products in a vending machine may be a few hundred dollars and thousands of dollars in total, and the value of snacks and drinks may be even lower. If the thieves want to pry the lock of the machine and steal the contents, let's not say whether they can pry it. It is easier for them to steal a wallet just to get the goods off the rotating spring. Let's talk about the problem of smashing. Vending machines are mostly made of high-strength cold-rolled steel plates. The glass is also tempered glass. If it is really broken, it will definitely consume a certain amount of effort. The monitoring is monitored at any time, and the machine also alarms at any time. They have not finished smashing it, and it is estimated that the shopkeeper has already arrived on the scene. And now that the quality of people is getting higher and higher, there won't be too many people who really smash machines. Reasons for being stolen and smashed during shop opening and risk avoidance. 1. Compete with others for the market. In this case, someone will maliciously damage the machine. It is recommended to choose a different location to buy the store. If someone opened the first adult product here, and you also opened an adult product, there will be problems. Of course, if you order snacks and drinks, I think the problem shouldn't be big. Remember the issue of peer competition. 2. The buyer maliciously damages. The buyer maliciously damages the goods, usually the goods are stuck, or they don’t ask for money, there is no response after payment, etc. It is suggested that you can paste a 24-hour contact number on the machine so that customers can contact you in time. 3. This situation of thief theft always exists by our side. Although the theft of the goods in this machine is not worth the loss, there are always simple-minded thieves who will take the risk. At this time, we can use the monitoring system to deter and call the police immediately. 4. In the event of deliberate smashing, you should call the police and rush to the scene as soon as possible. And this situation is mostly in the same industry. If you have colleagues around you, you can actually exchange ideas together and study in depth how to expand this market. In order to deal with the above problems, what actions will the general vending machine operators take: 1. Install a monitoring system. Current surveillance cameras are more advanced, night vision, anti-theft and fire-proof reminders are also very convenient. I bought a Fluorite camera, the one with night vision function, and it is set to automatically remind someone when someone enters the store, and the mobile phone can receive the information, which is very convenient for monitoring. 2. Reminder slogan Remind the theft and smashing behavior, the system will automatically alarm. 3. Guide Alipay/WeChat payment. Now that the payment function of mobile phones is so developed, even food sellers know that mobile payment is required. Therefore, guide mobile payment to avoid excessive money stored in the machine, which is safe and saves management costs. (Yasiwulian) This is the end of the content of this issue. How much have you learned about the above knowledge? For more information about the latest industry trends of vending machines, please pay attention to our official website More exciting content is waiting for you to understand.
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