What to do if the vending machine coil is broken

by:Haloo      2021-09-17
Regarding the vending machine, if it is operated for a long time, the internal parts of the cabinet will suffer different levels of wear and tear, and the coil will also suffer different wear and tear, so how do we repair the coil? Cut and seal the solenoid valve of the vending machine in the center of the capillary interface in the refrigerator compartment, loosen and remove the fixing screws of the valve core and coil, unscrew the fixing screws on the cabinet, and remove the coil.   Install the new solenoid valve coil and tighten the screws. Turn on the power to start the cabinet. If it is a mechanical temperature control vending machine, the thermostat can be turned off. If the cabinet uses electronic temperature control, the refrigerating room should be closed if the refrigeration function is turned off, and the 220V power supply can be directly connected if the refrigeration function is not turned off. .   Trim the capillary port that was once cut, quickly ignite the welding torch to heat the port, pull out the remaining capillary, and insert the trimmed capillary at the port and weld it, and fix the solenoid valve on the cabinet. In the market, there are many varieties of vending machines. When changing the coil, pay attention to the size of the coil and the number of turns. It is usually difficult to configure such a specific coil in the market, so the difficulty in maintenance is greatly increased.  The vending machine contains a voltage stabilizer to stabilize the voltage, which prevents the coil from being burned under high voltage and also ensures the service life of the coil in the cabinet.  Haloo vending machine-China's large-scale unmanned vending machine manufacturer, provides a cost-effective, full range of vending machines, to meet the needs of customers' personalized customization, and to create a brand new vending machine product.
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