What should I pay attention to when buying a beverage and snack vending machine?

by:Haloo      2021-07-12
In recent years, no one's smart vending machine has become more and more popular, and the types of sales have also been sold from the beginning of the drink, and the trend is now to sell everything; Coupled with the support of the new retail Qingfeng, there is also the danger of the pneumonia epidemic, and more and more entrepreneurs are devoting themselves to the team of fully automated sales. So, what should I pay attention to when buying a vending machine? The following is an example of a vending machine for drinks and snacks. Tell everyone about the basic things that you must pay attention to when buying machinery and equipment. 1. Don’t choose and suddenly appear; manufacturers should understand that vending machines have been developed so far, and currently there are various The various manufacturers are uneven. Many intermediary companies and sheet metal processing plants are all second-hand vendors, and do not have their own technical accumulation. In order to better pursue perfect profitability, even the materials are not enough, and refurbished machines are everywhere. When selecting a manufacturer, you must grasp the manufacturer from all aspects and prevent stepping on the pit from the root cause. 2. When buying a beverage vending machine, pay special attention to the matching of product specifications and spring yellows. It is very important that product specifications and delivery springs must be matched. This is also a difficult problem that everyone is very concerned about when choosing a beverage vending machine. First of all, the total width of the single cargo lane of the general pallet is 7cm, so the total width of the suitable goods should also be within 7cm. The double-run pallet is 2 single lanes to generate a large cargo lane, so its The total width is the sum of the total width of the two single-lane cargo lanes, which is 14cm. It is suitable to place products whose total width exceeds a single lane and is lower than a double-runner. However, if you need to place products that exceed dual cargo lanes, you need to combine 3 single lanes or 4 single lanes into one cargo lane. This kind of situation is more unique and needs to be discussed with professional and technical personnel to make it professionally. Secondly, the distance between the two trays is the aspect ratio of the product. Simply put, the lower the aspect ratio of the product, the more trays that can be placed; on the contrary, the higher the aspect ratio of the product, the fewer the number of trays that can be placed. Finally, under the condition that the length is fixed, the larger the number of turns of the spring, the smaller the pitch; on the contrary, the lower the number of turns of the spring, the larger the pitch. The number of turns of the spring is equivalent to the total number of products placed, and the thickness of the selected textile product depends on the pitch of the spring. In theory, the thickness of the product is lower than the pitch of the spring. 3. Don't choose vending machine manufacturers whose hardware and software are separated. Most of today's vending machines are equipped with a back-end management system to facilitate the supervision of various data and information and apply them to operations. However, there are not many manufacturers with the overall strength of hardware and software integrated product research and development. When purchasing, it is necessary to prevent the selection of A company’s machinery and equipment, and the management background of B company is used, so that future system updates and data information maintenance cannot be guaranteed. The above is a suggestion when there is no vending machine for drinks and snacks. Under the premise of ensuring that the premise is appropriate, we will go to the key points and firmly believe that we will buy a satisfactory vending machine.
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