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What problems should be paid attention to before using the vending machine?

by:Haloo      2023-03-28
Many operators don't do anything after buying vending machines, and they don't find out the problem until the equipment starts to operate, thus causing economic losses. In fact, most of these can be avoided. Here we mainly talk about what work we need to do before using the vending machine, how to solve the problems, and how to use the vending machine to have a longer service life in the later operation process. Let me give you a detailed explanation: 1. After receiving the vending machine, check whether the packaging is intact. If it is damaged, please negotiate with the logistics and call Zhixiaoxian's after-sales customer service, and we will make unified arrangements for handling. 2. Before use, please remove all packaging components such as wood boards, protective films, foam and cable ties to avoid damage. 3. Put the machine where you operate it. It is required to be dry, well ventilated, away from heat sources, and avoid rain, avoid low temperature, avoid splashing water, the ground is firm and stable, and the distance from the wall should be more than 20cm. 4. After the machine is placed, let the machine stand for more than 30 minutes, and then turn on the power to ensure the normal operation of the machine. If you want to start refrigeration, the machine needs to stand for more than 4-5 hours before starting, otherwise it will affect the compressor, cooling and heating are optional. Such a process is the correct way to use the vending machine before it is put into use, which can maximize its service life. It should be noted that the vending machine is an electrified device, which requires the operator to communicate with the venue provider to connect to the power supply, and to do a good job of hiding and shielding the power cord to maximize the safety of electricity use. It is believed that after consumers carefully and patiently prepare for the preliminary work, they can create good income through vending machines.
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