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What paper profits from the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Vending machines equipped with 22 inches LCD touch screen display, advertising revenue is very considerable. Yard fee is similar to the supermarket to suppliers charge entrance fee. Operation fixed costs, power: after tests, summer cooling vending machines standby 24 hours, in order to maintain 4 to 5 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the machine use 5 degrees Celsius. Standby 24 hours at room temperature, use 1. 5 degrees. The conference fee: vending machine other costs for the meeting. It depends on the location. The higher gross profit margin of profit analysis, vending machines, an average of more than 30%. Sale of mineral water and food can be as high as 98% or even 150% of the gross. 7 root hair, sell YiWuGe. Wholesale beverage filling margins usually five to five cents per bottle. If the food is very small, will be more profitable. Profit is 5 - towels and toothbrushes 10 yuan. Typically, a machine's turnover in 200 - every day 300 yuan between, namely - 6000 a month 9000 yuan. 3000 - minus the purchase cost, there is a gross 4500 yuan. Reducing rent and electricity per month 500 - again Should be in 2000 yuan of above 700 yuan, net profit. The actual delivery 5 - 10 vending machine, with a total investment of 6 - 12 million dollars. According to each machine profits of 2000 yuan a month calculation, less than half a year to pay the cost. If calculation up to 3 months, can recover the cost. This machine can be used in public places, factories, hospitals, schools, libraries, station, hotel, Internet cafes, offices, shopping centers, office buildings, residential community, and automatically for food, department stores supply food and bottled drinks.
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