What kind of products can vending machines sell?

by:Haloo      2022-03-31
What kinds of products can vending machines sell? What kinds of products can vending machines sell? We often see many vending machines in the streets, selling all kinds of drinks and snacks. Recently, a user wants to sell through vending machines. Tobacco products, so there are the following events: Unmanned retail domestic product technology brand, a new Internet of Things retail platform integrating ice cream production, automatic intelligent sales, and data 'sceneConsumer experience, the whole service is more thoughtful, and the shopping is more convenient. It is a representative product supported by artificial intelligence, new retail and sharing economy concepts. 1. Cloud monitoring, mobile phone interaction 2. Big data analysis, operation guidance 3. Imported core accessories ,Convenient and quick 7. In line with food safety guarantee, with a unique antibacterial and fresh-keeping system , office buildings, hospitals, convenience stores, cinemas and other places. Each Xiangfang Ice Cream Smart Vending Machine is a mini fresh ice cream shop. The consumption scenarios, consumption patterns and consumption concepts have been redefined, which will surely detonate the economic consumption market and set off a new round of new retail storms. Therefore, you can see that in addition to conventional products, vending machines cannot be used to sell products that are not allowed by national policies. If you do not know which products cannot be sold through vending machines, you can go to the local the relevant departments to find out the situation.
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