What kind of people often use unmanned vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-03-25
Since its development, vending machines have covered all walks of life, and many investors, large and small, use vending machines to start businesses. Those who are familiar with marketing know that crowd positioning is an indispensable part of marketing. For the operation of unmanned vending machines, the audience's accurate positioning is a necessary condition for success! A vending machine is a relatively new industry; it has its fashion, trend, exquisite and exciting characteristics.

1. Young hipsters and student groups
Beverage and snack vending machines occupy a large proportion of the entire industry, and young people and students like to drink drinks and eat various snacks very much. This part of the crowd cannot be ignored. A few vending machines in the school are a good choice. Especially in summer, vending machines with refrigeration systems are especially popular with students. In terms of age, young people are more willing to shop on unmanned vending machines than middle-aged and older adults.

2. Groups in the field of electronic and mechanical science and technology
In general, these groups belong to the group with solid hands-on ability. They are particularly receptive to fashionable technology hardware, so they must be very interested in unmanned vending machines. For such groups, vending machines can be placed in places where IT personnel gather, such as software parks in major cities. The daily order volume is relatively stable, and fission is easy to obtain through event setting and sharing.

3. Young couples pursuing petty bourgeoisie life
Couples have strong spending power and, like a novel, strange and fashionable things. For example, vending machines that automatically take photos and stickers, blind box vending machines, and so on. You know, the post-95s and post-00s of the blind box manual group are very lethal! Also, couples consume a lot of sex toys. In the past four years, sex toy vending machines have become popular in China, and various sex toy franchised brands are operating in multiple cities.

4. 'Family cooks women' in the community
In recent years, community-focused vending machines for fresh vegetables and fruits have become particularly popular. Many brands are seizing the market and establishing a 'smart food market' at their doorstep. Community residents no longer have to travel long to buy food, and white-collar workers who come home from getting off work at night do not have to worry about going hungry when they go home. All vegetables, fruits, and fresh food are readily available. Moreover, the repurchase rate of these residents is very high. Once a brand is established in their hearts, their loyalty is very high.
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