What kind of merchandise is suitable for hotel unmanned vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-07-14
What kind of merchandise is better for hotel unmanned vending machines? 2020 is a year full of challenges and opportunities for the new wholesale industry. The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia has had a serious impact on the traditional wholesale industry, and the unmanned vending machine sales market under the new wholesale industry has become more intelligent, safe, and private during the epidemic, and has become more popular with the public. In the past, a variety of vending machines, such as drinks, snacks, and novelty vending machines, can be seen in larger city streets, communities, and other key public places. In the data stage, new wholesale has become an inevitable trend. But regarding the hotel vending machines that appeared in China two years ago, people rarely see them. So what are the products on the hotel's unmanned vending machine? Adult products are simulated by big stores, and they are also one of the key sources of hotel wholesale. It mainly sells some application aids to help adults obtain sexual support, which can increase sexual interest and improve sexual quality. With the improvement of sexual knowledge, everyone's consciousness is gradually changing, and the development of income and the development of quality of life have also promoted the rapid development of adult products. The production volume of adult products in my country ranks first in the world, but most of them are imported and exported, and sales in China are very small. Coupled with the above standards, it is obvious that there is a great potential for development. In addition, the government’s resistance to adult products has weakened and has been gradually revised to integrate the norms in the field of sexual health. 2. Beverages Beverages Placement of beverages is generally a popular practice in the sales market, but it is only for areas other than hotels. The profitability of placing beverages in hotel vending machines will be greatly affected. So far, the beverage sales market in my country is dominated by packaged domestic water, tea drinks and soft drinks. Through the progress of the past few years, fruit juices and beverages have also become a key component of the beverage field, and the market demand is very large. With the development of the income level of residents in our country, customers have increasingly higher requirements for the health and functional characteristics of beverages. Among the various types of beverages, functional beverages, ready-to-drink freshly ground coffee, packaged domestic water and beverages with characteristics in Asia The continuous growth of the over-the-top field, among which the compound annual growth rate of the total sales of functional beverages from 2014 to 2019 reached 15.02%, which is one of the sub-categories with faster growth. In the end, what kind of merchandise is good for the hotel unmanned vending machine? In fact, adult products are better!
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