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What is the most power-consuming drink vending machine? What's the degree in a day?

by:Haloo      2021-03-15
Many customers will ask how much power the vending machine consumes a day when inquiring about the vending machine online? I believe this is also a problem that most customers are more concerned about! In fact, the power consumption of vending machines mainly depends on several aspects. First, the operating power of the refrigeration compressor; Second, the heating glass effect (the refrigeration machine generally has double-layer glass and the outside is defogging glass to avoid cold inside and hot outside. It will form water mist and you can’t see the products inside); Third, the power size of the advertising screen, this is also divided into the screen size, whether to play advertisements. Vending machine power After testing, the basic model of the beverage vending machine has left and right refrigeration turned on at the same time, the LED lighting system page opens, and the total power of the machine is 400W. Note that most of the power consumption of this part is consumed by the refrigerator, and the power consumption of the rest of the components is very limited. For example, the maximum power of the 7-inch display screen used for electronic payment scanning is 7W, which is almost 24 hours to turn on; The 10W industrial computer is also turned on for almost 24 hours; only the refrigerator is disconnected from time to time. Under the control of the intelligent temperature control system, the refrigerator will start cooling only when the internal temperature is higher than the set value. Sleep state does not consume power. As for the currency recognizer, since the power is inherently small and the intermittent working time is particularly short, its power consumption can be ignored. Vending machine power According to the total amount of beverages stored in the beverage vending machine, the initial temperature and the target temperature, we can calculate the calorie value that needs to be transported, and also the power consumption value. Product size: 1980*1280*830 (height*width*thickness mm) Capacity: 54 cargo lanes for the left cabinet, 15 cargo lanes for the auxiliary cabinet Refrigeration: 4-20°C [temperature adjustable] Equipment power: 50W/400W take the middle value Multiply the electricity by almost 6 degrees in 24 hours. Considering that the initial temperature of the beverage may be higher than 25 degrees, and the cooling temperature may be lower than 5 degrees, the little air-conditioning lost when the feeder mechanism is opened during the middle of selling beverages will sell out the 400 bottles in one day. It is difficult for all the beverages in the can to consume more than 6 kWh of electricity. You must know that this 6 kWh is several times the theoretical calculation value. This 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity is only a few dollars, which is really nothing compared to the income from selling two or three hundred bottles of canned beverages. The power consumption control of the beverage vending machine is the best in the industry, thanks to the excellent intelligent temperature control system, the reasonable cabinet structure design, and the refrigerating unit with higher energy efficiency. The ultimate in many aspects has created the excellent energy-saving performance of the easy-to-touch beverage vending machine! Now there is also an energy-saving management system that can remotely control temperature, LED lights, screen brightness, speaker sound and other functions on the mobile phone, and can set a timing switch. Provide effective solutions for energy saving and power saving. It can be summed up now that the most power consumption of vending machines is the compressor, the screen, and the heating glass, and the rest of the power consumption is negligible.
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