What is the market prospect of automatic medicine vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-12-03
Affected by this epidemic, it has changed the trajectory of all of us, as well as the lives of many, many people. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the promotion of vending machine convenience stores to sell medicines has been written into national documents! Vending machines for selling medicines have accelerated throughout the country. After the outbreak of the epidemic, self-service medicine vending machines have been given a new mission during the exploration of the new pharmaceutical retail era! Pharmacies, like hospitals, require 24-hour service, but almost all pharmacies no longer provide 24-hour service. One is because people don’t want to work overtime at night. On the other hand, overtime also requires a lot of labor costs. Another point is that many people buy prescription drugs at night, which cannot be sold to customers according to regulations. The automatic medicine vending machine can replace manual labor and complete the 24-hour medicine sales service. In the future, the work of supplying medicine at night must also be done by machines. The prospect of automatic medicine vending machines is now under the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet. Because of its convenience, automatic medicine vending machines are relatively highly accepted by consumers. The profit model of the automatic medicine vending machine is also relatively simple. The main thing is to do retail, selling snacks and drinks like a small shop, and making a profit from the difference in transfers. However, the medicine vending machine is much more flexible than the pharmacy. It can be placed in parks, squares, schools, stations and other places to meet people's irregular needs. In addition, advertisements can also be played on the machine, and this market is also relatively large. As for the prospect of automatic medicine vending machines, this is also unquestionable. The volume of the Chinese retail market is very large. The drug vending machines on the Chinese market are far from being able to meet the demand. With the rising labor costs and land costs, various forms of vending machines will have a great market in the future and have advantages. It will become more and more obvious. Recommendations for the development of automatic medicine vending machines Under current circumstances, if you want to put automatic medicine vending machines, you should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Placement: When the rent is appropriate, automatic medicine vending machines are more suitable for hotels, office buildings, Stations and other locations are not suitable to be placed in the pharmacy area, because the automatic medicine vending machine can only be used as a supplement to the night medicine service of the pharmacy, and it is more for public welfare. Meet the needs of temporary drug purchases. 2. Add medication guidance function: medicine is a special commodity, and professional guidance is needed to purchase drugs. Therefore, medication guidance is added to the automatic drug vending machine so that consumers can quickly find the key content of drug use instructions, disease introduction, medication answers, etc. Conducive to the healthy development of automatic medicine vending machines. 3. Selection of medicine varieties: The products of automatic medicine vending machines are mainly emergency medicines, including cold, fever, trauma, gastrointestinal medicine, family planning supplies, heat relief and other types. Without professional guidance and recommendation, choose well-known brand products as much as possible. In short, the vending machine has a bright future, but there are still many problems in the early stage of operation, and operators need to try their best to solve and optimize the process in order to seize the market opportunity. The explosive growth of automatic medicine vending machines in the future is mainly due to three aspects: the number of people buying medicines during the epidemic has increased, but it is difficult to find a 24-hour pharmacy, but the intelligent self-service medicine vending machine can be open 24 hours, thus solving the difficulty of finding medicines urgently. The pain point of difficulty in purchasing drugs at night; the government encourages drug retail chain companies to set up 24-hour drug sales, but because physical stores are not cost-effective, many physical pharmacies are unwilling to try 24-hour drug sales. Intelligent automatic drug vending machines solve the problem. The problem of selling medicines; the influx of Internet + capital continues to compress the living space of small and medium-sized pharmacies, so forms such as self-service medicine vending machines can help expand the economic scope and improve the quality of operation.
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