What is the effect of the promotion of the consumer poverty alleviation cabinet?

by:Haloo      2022-01-27
In response to the past global economic crisis and the impact of the new crown virus, my country has begun to implement projects to reduce consumer poverty. These projects rely on stimulating domestic demand to prioritize the digestion of internal output to activate internal cycles, so as to achieve the long-term desire of getting rich first and helping later. , To reduce the economic gap between the rich and the poor between regions. Consumer poverty alleviation projects mainly include three channels, special counters, special areas, and special pavilions. Let us focus on special counters to illustrate. Consumer poverty alleviation counters mainly refer to various intelligent unmanned self-service retail equipment, including but not limited to unmanned vending machines, unmanned vending cabinets and other forms of new retail offline terminals. Strictly speaking, the consumer poverty alleviation counter is a complete set of unmanned vending machines as terminals. It relies on a variety of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, image recognition, RFID and gravity sensing, and integrates the current mainstream scanning code payment, credit card payment, facial payment, password-free mobile payment and other payment methods to provide consumers with A 24-hour smart retail system. At present, the consumer poverty alleviation counter is mainly used to sell various poverty alleviation products, such as oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, vegetables, fruits, fresh food, rice and other agricultural and sideline products and other daily necessities. Among them, the novel unmanned vending machine has been welcomed by the market as soon as it is launched. This kind of vending machine has a more simplified door opening process by automatically clearing goods and shopping. The self-service vegetable vending machines in the community mainly sell vegetables and fruits, so the refrigeration function is very important. You can also effectively combine community self-service vending machines, such as weighing cabinets, spring machines, and lattice cabinets, according to your actual sales. The weighing unit of this kind of consumer poverty alleviation cabinet is relatively small, covers a small area and has high data accuracy. It can be deployed in railway stations, bus stations, subways, various colleges, hospitals, stadiums, large shopping malls, playgrounds, communities, office buildings, and various industries, park factories, bank branches and other places. Nowadays, there are more and more types of vending machines, all of which are realized through different technologies, such as spring machines, lattice machines, micro supermarkets, etc. For self-service vending machines in the community, it is recommended that you use an open-door weighing cabinet, which is a better choice. The establishment of consumer poverty alleviation cabinets can help consumers save money on daily necessities to a certain extent, and at the same time promote the development of the vending machine industry to a certain extent.
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