What is the difference between ultra-low temperature vending machines and ordinary ones?

by:Haloo      2021-07-09
Vending machines that everyone usually see the most are some uncooled room temperature vending machines, such as express cabinets, automatic vending machines for adult products, and so on. The standard temperature of refrigerated vending machines for drinks and snacks is 2-9°. As the field of automated vending machines is becoming more and more subdivided, there are now more and more regulations on vending machines with lower temperatures. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to low-temperature vending machines. What is the difference between ultra-low temperature vending machines and general refrigeration vending machines There are many production processes, so here are some of them. First of all, the production process of the insulation layer is different. Maybe you don’t know what the insulation layer is, but if you stayed in the countryside when you were a child and ate popsicles and ice cream, then many people pushed a car. , Put popsicles and ice cream in a small sealed box, and cover it with a cotton towel or a large cloth. According to this, if you don’t have a definition of the insulation layer, then you can look at the layer outside the refrigerator in your home, which is also used for heat insulation. Different cooling temperature regulations have different requirements for this thickness and material regulations. Second, the regulations for refrigerants are also different. With different refrigeration temperatures, the requirements and volume of the refrigerant will also be very different. Third, there will be very big differences in the regulations for refrigeration compressors, coolers, and air conditioning copper pipes. Regarding the different refrigeration regulations of vending machines, after the scientific research and balance of the matching of all refrigeration units, it needs to be inspected according to professional manufacturing equipment and equipment, and finally can be put into a specific work situation.
In the past few decades, vending machine manufacturers production has increased because of the use of vending machine.
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