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What is the cause of the vending machine need hotel

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Who needs hotel vending machine? Check-in passengers: with the further development of the mobile Internet consumption, customers pay more and more attention to privacy consumption method is quick and consumption process. And such a special hotel consumption scenarios, not only with customers in the longest time, together also building a natural privacy consumer place. The demand for the satisfaction of passenger room supply new sales window. Hotel to handle: at that time most of the hotels sell adult things is still the traditional form, the sale of a single common product varieties, check-out settlement after customers use demand, the customer's privacy is poor, hotel staff rounds of assignment of big, complicated, simple product less goods, been switched. But a smart hotel vending machine, not only can sharply cut above the homework to deal with capital, can also through the mobile phone APP a key replenishment, quick to deal with. Smart shopping mall team in a lot of the city more than three hundred hotel hall user queries, A total of more than 1700 useful samples, male and female ratio of 7:3) , during which exceed 39 per customer willing to test room vending machine was used, about 17 percentage of customers are spending plans. Especially after 80, 90 customers, services experience in this kind of scenario, a novelty sexual impulse consumption desire.
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