What is power vending machines to be grade one hundred billion channels

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Now the intelligent technology of escalating and the coming of the era of mobile payment, is an important factor of vending machine industry began to rise. As in the past the traditional vending machine specific notes or COINS to pay, and it's easy to have a card currency, the phenomenon such as lack of money, will lead to higher operating costs, affect consumer shopping experience. Now the addition of mobile payment, greatly improves the consumer's shopping experience, and reduces the operating costs. And intelligent vending machine USES the intelligent, background management system can real-time monitor the inventory of the vending machine and the sales situation, operational staff can be planned for replenishment and maintenance of equipment, so it can reduce the cost of operations. Also can carry on the analysis of sales data, corresponding adjustment of the vending machine point and the composition of the goods. Consumers can through the appropriate apps to check near the location of the vending machine and bought directly and then taking goods to vending machines, so that it can realize the online guide. The vending machine the channels on the one hand can connect through equipment and electrical business, on the other hand can save space and artificial cost, occupied now, the development of the retail industry to promote the development of domestic retail business. Because the vending machine and tell the development speed of growth potential, the attention of many investors. In recent five years, vending machines, annual sales growth has exceeded 100%. , according to the budget by 2020, a vending machine of the average monthly sales will reach 6000 yuan, the annual average will exceed 100 billion yuan. Now, with the decay of online traffic now, the value of offline traffic again by market value. Traditional stores because under the rent cost and manpower cost pressure and it is hard to continue to further development, and now the channel fragmentation is serious, some FMCG enterprises are the problems of surface led sales growth, many traditional brands are in the red, sales is not very ideal space and room for growth, difficult to achieve large-scale development. And vending machines can very good to large-scale development, occupy the fragmentation of the scene, stores have more advantages.
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