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What is a simple understanding of the historical development of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
My friends all know that the vending machine? The author to break down for you. The vending machine originally present in America in the 1960 s, as a new method of products retail, because it has a very wide range of sale category, develop quickly in some developed countries as retail method of main stream. In Japan, 70 of canned drinks are sold through the vending machine, everyone in the vending machine spending $400 every year for shopping. Beginning of 1993, China's imports from Japan, South Korea and other countries actively vending machines, and cast it into the market in our country. The first - 1995, China The vending machine was born. Mass production and batch 1999 put into the market. In the next 10 years, the capital equipment, people's consumption idea, business environment condition such as constraints, the vending machine sold in China industry to develop slowly. According to Japan's the vending machine industry Association in 2016 for a query, that year until June of 2018, as long as 55000 the vending machine in China, Japan and the United States, 5. 8 million and 6. 91 million, far beyond our country.
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